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Picture_7the good brits over at picture view have found a great way to expand on the idea of art on the wall by taking advantage of entire surfaces. they will customize the crop of any of their amazing collections of images (check the victoria & albert museum collection!) or even your pictures and send you some wallpaper that perfectly fits your decor and your psychee. it's a good thing.

stefan - May 11 - 10:16 AM | reply (0)


when i die, i'm gonna need 72 vortex vibrations to get the virgins to orgasm.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 sleep machines to put those virgins to sleep.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 vudu consoles to entertain myself for eternity.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 brionvega televisions to plug those in.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 cultivate systems to have a hobby.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 iwears to be able to play tag with the devil with my hands free.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 sony nature-themed phones to commune with something i'm not familiar with.

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i don't what i think about the suitcase bike. it seems like a nice attempt at something useful but really, is anyone going to buy it? i think it's much like the mopeds of the old days, they're much like ugly girls, fun to ride until a friend sees you on one...

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can you really sell a building for a billion dollars? i mean is that even legal? it's a building, a billion dollars, damn! that is really crazy how some companies just have so much money to just throw to the wind. 60 wall street in ny was sold for 1.2 billion, i guess wall street is the financial district for a reason, not only do they trade money there, the fucking buildings are worth a fortune too, soon the water is gonna be filled with diamonds and gold.

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i love justice - the band, not just the ideal - and i love doodles and i love t shirts, so when i saw this thing . . . i came.

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frankly, i don't see where hella jongerius is going with all this... i know all the big words (deconstructivism) but what about the little ones (ugly)? i'm sure murray understands though so i'll ask him next time i see him, if he recognizes me this time...

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helmut by june is playing on, what else, cinemax and it is a lovely and loving portrait of a man by his wife. the iconic photographer genius bit seems like but a glimmer in her eye as she truly seems to have cared for the man without being swayed by his station in life. admirable.

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the tech world is where the money's at, i should have went to school for computers and listened to my mommy, now look at me, a so-called writer, like writers get laid... back in the 90's perhaps but now all the tech guys are the panty droppers. and it's because we all know they're worth tons of money. when microsoft is trying to buy yahoo for 50 billion dollars there's definitely a surplus of money floating around in that industry. damn i should have listened to mom.

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history in motion

boy, do i love this type of stuff! it's right up my alley, my cup o'tea, it floats my boat... in short, i like it.

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i had no idea that all it took to pull the table cloth out from underneath your dinner was a sweaty british man after he’s dealt with a snowy eight-ball, but then again, i don’t know a lot of things.

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