i love magazines, online mags are cool but nothing beats holding a good old fashioned print mag. i know some of you might prefer reading everything on your monitor these days but i have yet to adapt to that notion, it's cool but i still need my consumption of printed material. and i am not alone, there is a book out called "we love magazines" and you can hear someone else confess their love as well, here.

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there are lot more food options available to the modern mother parent than there were when we were children when the only choice was dirt or nothing, or so my mother now tells me. for the style-conscious, there's happy baby, there's nummy nums and plum organics and now there's a new kid on the block (see what i did there?...) named kidfresh whose founders will get all my money.

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in the words of the poet flavor flav: what time is it?!

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when i look at jai lennard's photography i think of walking around new york city and seeing all these different characters, new york is really the only place i think you can't sum up, because it's just that wild of a place with that wild of people. now where else on earth can you find a hipster?

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girls, if you prefer to go commando, this post is not for you. barcelona's own panties and culottes should make you want to swtich teams though as their undergarments do for asses what botulism does for lips, plump them up and make them look great!

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go meat! is hillshire farms' new slogan, normaly i wouldn't pay too much attention to ads by hillshire farms but their commercials are actually kind of funny. i've only seen one on tv, but the others on their website are good too. so let's say it all together now, go meat!!!! thanks samantha for showing me the others.

si si si salad, yea, me me meaty salad, yea.

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bloggers are, customarily, such a despicable bunch. we don't socialize, we're not polite, rarely shower, we don't help kids in africa not matter how many time sally struthers asks us to and we certainly go out of our way no to help our fellow human beings. there is one exception though, one that cynics would say confirms the rule, and that is lady grace from design*sponge. in order to gain some humanity, i hope to cross paths with her during the icff festivities so that some of her kindness may rub off on the vileness that has permeated my life for so long. what has she done to deserve such praise? well, she saved up from a year's worth of advertising sales on her blog and set up a scholarship which she put up as the grand prize of a design competion... do you know what bloggers usually do with advertising money? they buy as many musical automatic soap dispensers as they can afford! she gives hers to the deserving and for that, grace, i applaud you, with my oh so clean hands.

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stefan opened my eyes to this peach last week, and as his devoted disciple, i now pass it on to you.

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sometimes, an object reaches a pinnacle in its design evolution that one is obliged to concede that the object 's moment has arrived, perfection has been achieved. this is the umbrella's moment.

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yoda felt depressed

and asked a humble tavern owner for a cacha├ža, then, as he held his tears from filling up his empty glass, he broke into a samba.

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