italian design company magis has overhauled their online presence to include whiz, some bang and a whole lotta waiting...

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ok, i'm developing (pun totally intended!) a totally unhealthy crush on ivanka trump right now. why unhealthy? because i'm in the real estate business too, sometimes, and it's not so far-fetched that i could be sitting across from those legs, trying to pitch an idea and i would totally lose my shit. i don't know if it's just the looks or the fact that she talks like her dad and that turns me on somehow?... the fact that the donald is talking to me through that body? i don't know, but i need to start fantasizing about healthier things. like, uh... what could help me go cold turkey, let's see... i know! a book of lyrics from sting songs! we dance, alone people, we dance alone.

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it must be a thing these days to make bad chair designs. i mean this whole design thing is getting a little out of control; people, remember what your function is as a designer: to make thing functional, being pretty is just a bonus. so with that being said, can anyone tell me how in the hell you're suppose to sit in this fucking thing?

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being in a commited relationship with a mother myself, i can tell you that true mom confessions hurts. i mean, is this really necessary? do you have to put things like this in writing? honey?!

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so . . . you gotta read this, and then you gotta read this, and then if you were drinking a glass of this it’ll shoot out of your that.

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i just recently read an article about's creator, the 22 year-old young gun, running things. not only do i like his "fuck-your-deal" attitude, but he even has a really good sense of artistic taste. when would you think a tech world guy appreciates art from the likes of a wild man like david choe? well, the facebook dude is my new tech valley favorite, he had david choe paint the walls of the facebook offices, and that's a   brilliant idea, and the work came out really good. now that's creating a motivativating creative environment.

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music video

it's too bad that, seemingly by law, they have to embed film clips into the videos of soundtrack songs because this piece of film for common's a dream could have done without michelle pfeiffer hilary swank.

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newsflash! for some reason, it hadn't occured until now to luxury companies who try to sell us $10K purses that we should treated with respect! revolution!!!! i don't think i've overused the exclamation point in this post.

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apparently, a superextraduper edition of blade runner is coming and, not content with his remastered director's cut, sir scott has decided to go ahead and reshoot some footage that he felt was missing from the original. what next? i'll tell you what should be next, i've always felt, as i'm sure neal israel must have, that bachelor party was missing a scene in which tom hanks has a heart-to-heart with tawny kitaen. without it, the movie just doesn't make sense so let's get to work!

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myspace degree

i am mainly typing this post because it has to do with the school my best friend went to for college, millersville university in pennsylvania. apparently the school refused to give a girl her degree in education and her teaching certificate, all because they saw her myspace page, and a picture of her wearing a pirate hat drinking from a cup, with it saying drunken pirate. ok, you're looking into the students myspace pages, ok in light of the vtech shooting, i can get that, but how are you going to not give someone what they earned because you deem it "unprofessional" the girl was of age to drink legally, so who are they to say what she can do on her free time? sometimes people in power, overdo it, and think they really have more power than they do, she should sue for more than just 75 grand.

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