ready to redecorate?

012b_bloodpud2when it comes to selecting those soft swaths of delicate doilies and phoofy pillows you’ll throw all over your bedroom - the very place where you’ll probably invite over a few of your friends to engage in lacy tickle fights and kissing contests - won't you consider the tasteful decorum that’ll boom from your boudoir once you toss a few of these on your duvet?

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new york magazine has been focusing on the real issues lately, such as milfs and what makes them tick... but as i watch the picture od porn star savannah samson and her husband, i'm not really focusing on the milf aspect of the story but rather on this apparently new phenomenon, well-documented by time magazine, of marrying above your hotness level. i know about this as i, myself, have found a way to ensnare one from the hot team into my web of deceit. flowers, words, even disdain all played a part in obtained the good favors of a member of the other side. we are a new race of taboo-busters my friends but i am here to tell you that it can be done.

stefan - May 8 - 09:22 AM | reply (4)

how do you get your kid not to do drugs? this could work.

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the art world is a wonderful place because only there can you make up imaginary numbers for things. like making a 17th century painting of a half naked girl, who may have been a mistress to king charles ii, worth 4 million dollars, and she isn't even fully naked, what a rip-off. but you gotta love the art world, ballsy and outragous price strategies. i should have not skipped art class so much.

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Yorkcity001i have a mild obsession with the old world. there is something about trying to understand the daily minutiae of another time that i find endlessly fascinating especially when it is explored in art such as ancient civilization in rome or ancient urbanism in the age of innocence. of course, as a new yorker, i am particularly interested in my city past and i relish looking at documents such as these. i want to know more about how people went about their day in the wide streets of 1913's gotham, how those streets looked with so many men in bowler hats. please doc, fall down on the toilet and invent the flux capacitor already!...

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dorks get so damn dorky that, not only do they unapologetically adore quirky robots from steve guttenberg movies, they order a couple sets of lego’s dorkiest packages and rebuild him - the robot, not steve guttenberg.

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you would think architects could come up with a better seating design than this! at least the name is cool, the sit-sat.

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it feels like i've been listening to mark ronson mix tapes for ever and the white boy is good. his sis samantha ain't bad either and i don't know who charlotte is but i love her panties. why? why do some familes just bloom from under their parents' thumbs when my brother and i seem stuch forever in a sea of mediocrity and bitterness. and when i say my brother and i, i mean me.

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being a huge fan of my friend alex echo's work, i've been attracted to artists who use typography as a material as of late. and mel bochner fits the bill. as one of the first to do so, he has managed to build a great legacy that blurs the line between graphic design and art. it's funny how we can be at once casual with words and then subsequently find them of the utmost importance. i think we as a people are not too sure of their value and so often don't treat language with due respect. which is why we need art to the rescue.

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two birds, may i present one stone.

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