if you have been coming to this page for information and entertainment for the past few years, i've got some great news! i have been disappointed for many of those years that i rarely heard from you but i figured out why, you were just not given the proper tools to tell the world what you think. and so we are about to change that. starting friday, may 18th, you'll have to switch your bookmarks to point to theapt.com (i know, HUGE drag!) and experience a brand new way to communicate with people who, much like yourself, can't get enough semi-intelligent commentary about architecture, tv shows, porn and jesus. register and you'll even be able to take advantage of our brand new community, theaptFORUM, to share your finds with us and the world.

it's going to be amazing so i hope to see you over there real soon because this page will not be updated any more. ok, how about NOW!

stefan - May 14 - 08:41 PM | reply (2)

this is it good people, the end of an era! the big, ever-changing picture in the back, the new and mostly annoying colors, we're finally growing up. i think. believe it or not, we've been at this 7 years now, changing, evolving, making sure we're as entertained with ourselves as our clients and you are with us. and it turned out to be way harder work than we ever thought. gina and i basically started this thing because, after having spent 4 years in film school and coming out with a degree that all but guaranteed i would be a mediocre waiter, we needed something to do that allowed us to change our minds when we felt like it. because we thought that would be the way to easy street... and the apartment is the result, or rather the product, of sick, schizophrenic minds for whom change is not just entertaining but vital. oh, and easy street is not on any map i've seen so far.

and so, tonight at 9pm new york time, this site will go dark and for 7 days you will be presented with a page giving you the tiniest peek at our new identity and inviting you to join us for our big launch in new york on may 18th. as i mentioned on monday, we got together with designblogfest, which is made up of mocoloco, curbed, treehuger, apartment therapy, notcot, cribcandy and coolhunting, so that the party gets off to a good start.

the new site is about inclusion so don't be shy and register, it's easy, it's free and you'll get to be part of something new... see you on the other side!


stefan - May 11 - 12:39 PM | reply (2)

a new survey (vague, i know. stick with me) revealed that out of 2,000 18 - 29 year old americans, more than half of them would be happier with a “beautifully designed workspace” and are willing to “spend a bit more on design that appeals to you” when it comes to buying furniture. we’re still not the swiss, but i think this is a big step forward for us young’ins. the sooner that we all start reaching for houndstooth duvet covers and designer wallpaper instead of a cheeseburger, the better; we’ll be like fat europeans with an army! buzzing!

stefan - May 11 - 11:46 AM | reply (0)

only two posts to go in the old web site...

stefan - May 11 - 11:35 AM | reply (0)

normally, when i talk about lily allen it has to do with music but apparently the young beer drinking, smoking wonder is opening a new store in london, and has created a few pieces for her lily collection as well. the young mogul is on her way to say music now fashion, which is typically nothing new and not exciting to me at all, i'd like to see musicians try their hands in very different business ventures not jumping right to fashion, but hey what can i do, i'm just a some young bugger typing on the internet.

stefan - May 11 - 11:24 AM | reply (0)

tv shows

this is exactly why tv execs need to get in touch with me, seriously. you can't be putting together shows like dragons den! yeah, it seems interesting but i have a much better way of getting viewers involved with the design world and business side of things. but hey, i can't seem to break the bubble that is the tv and film realm, so sorry ladies and gents you're still stuck with dumb programming for the time being. 

Manny - May 11 - 11:13 AM | reply (0)

Dsc_45281FILE magazine has a collection of “unexpected photographs” that numbers in the thousands. i was a bit lost when i read the phrase “unexpected photograph” . . . when i press the button on the top of a camera, i expect a photograph to happen. if i were to be, say . . . i don’t know, “amusing myself” and at the end of it all, in the thralls of climax, a polaroid came out of me, THAT would be an unexpected photograph. irregardless, these are lovely photos.

stefan - May 11 - 11:03 AM | reply (0)

star wars

it seems that our friends at lucasfilm are making the most of the 30th anniversary of our favorite sciFi soap. what with crazy permissions left and right to silence our cell phones, to get involved with some sort of robot droid as well as get a visit from a certain pompadoured late-night host, georgee sure is bringin' the funnee. and i'm glad he finally did. seemed to me he had lost his sense of humor somewhere between mytus VII and geonosis...

anyway, celebrate properly by booking your ticket to, well, celebration. and by giving george the opportunity to add a wing to his swiss chalet by buying this new book. good boy.

stefan - May 11 - 10:52 AM | reply (0)

when i was your age, we had to physically walk to the record store (serious) and purchase with paper money (serious) large vinyl record albums (serious) that were covered with works of art (serious). it was the dark ages, dinosaur attacks were happening daily, but for the love of god were album covers a wonderful medium. there are corners of the net devoted to preserving and cataloguing said covers , but you knew that, right? here young fella, have a werthers original.

stefan - May 11 - 10:40 AM | reply (0)

don't you hate it when your computer goes on the blinks and just turns off out of the blue, loosing all you were writing, the hours spent delving into your brain all down the drain... well, just imagine you had a deadline on top of all that, and imagine even more that you work at a magazine and you just lost all the material for all of your next issue. well, imagine no more, welcome to the hell that is business 2.0.

stefan - May 11 - 10:29 AM | reply (0)

Picture_7the good brits over at picture view have found a great way to expand on the idea of art on the wall by taking advantage of entire surfaces. they will customize the crop of any of their amazing collections of images (check the victoria & albert museum collection!) or even your pictures and send you some wallpaper that perfectly fits your decor and your psychee. it's a good thing.

stefan - May 11 - 10:16 AM | reply (0)


when i die, i'm gonna need 72 vortex vibrations to get the virgins to orgasm.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 sleep machines to put those virgins to sleep.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 vudu consoles to entertain myself for eternity.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 brionvega televisions to plug those in.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 cultivate systems to have a hobby.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 iwears to be able to play tag with the devil with my hands free.

when i die, i'm gonna need 72 sony nature-themed phones to commune with something i'm not familiar with.

stefan - May 11 - 10:05 AM | reply (0)


i don't what i think about the suitcase bike. it seems like a nice attempt at something useful but really, is anyone going to buy it? i think it's much like the mopeds of the old days, they're much like ugly girls, fun to ride until a friend sees you on one...

stefan - May 11 - 09:53 AM | reply (0)

can you really sell a building for a billion dollars? i mean is that even legal? it's a building, a billion dollars, damn! that is really crazy how some companies just have so much money to just throw to the wind. 60 wall street in ny was sold for 1.2 billion, i guess wall street is the financial district for a reason, not only do they trade money there, the fucking buildings are worth a fortune too, soon the water is gonna be filled with diamonds and gold.

stefan - May 11 - 09:41 AM | reply (0)

i love justice - the band, not just the ideal - and i love doodles and i love t shirts, so when i saw this thing . . . i came.

stefan - May 11 - 09:29 AM | reply (0)

frankly, i don't see where hella jongerius is going with all this... i know all the big words (deconstructivism) but what about the little ones (ugly)? i'm sure murray understands though so i'll ask him next time i see him, if he recognizes me this time...

stefan - May 11 - 09:18 AM | reply (0)


helmut by june is playing on, what else, cinemax and it is a lovely and loving portrait of a man by his wife. the iconic photographer genius bit seems like but a glimmer in her eye as she truly seems to have cared for the man without being swayed by his station in life. admirable.

stefan - May 11 - 09:06 AM | reply (0)

the tech world is where the money's at, i should have went to school for computers and listened to my mommy, now look at me, a so-called writer, like writers get laid... back in the 90's perhaps but now all the tech guys are the panty droppers. and it's because we all know they're worth tons of money. when microsoft is trying to buy yahoo for 50 billion dollars there's definitely a surplus of money floating around in that industry. damn i should have listened to mom.

stefan - May 11 - 08:53 AM | reply (0)

history in motion

boy, do i love this type of stuff! it's right up my alley, my cup o'tea, it floats my boat... in short, i like it.

stefan - May 11 - 08:41 AM | reply (0)

i had no idea that all it took to pull the table cloth out from underneath your dinner was a sweaty british man after he’s dealt with a snowy eight-ball, but then again, i don’t know a lot of things.

stefan - May 11 - 08:28 AM | reply (0)

i think to myself sometimes that being an architect has got to be a very cool job, unless your building is shit and one day just crumbles to the ground, now that would suck. but being that it doesn't happen often, really, being an architect has to be a cool thing, like being a breast exam doctor, which is one of my top fav jobs i'll never have. rmjm is an architecture firm, not a rock band, and yes their work is good, blase, blase, what i like is some of their hotels they're doing, like their beijing job.

stefan - May 11 - 08:16 AM | reply (0)

do you think maison martin margiela's new lotek website is brilliant? i don't know, it seems to me every few years, someone comes around and thinks it's utterly clever, in our era of whiz-bangery, to go all folder directory on us. i ain't buying it and he shouldn't be selling it!

stefan - May 11 - 08:04 AM | reply (0)

i’m imagining that the whole “is there a god?” query can be put to rest based solely on this campaign’s outcome. staring at one’s feet, only to find those powder blue wonders staring right back at you, would be like a pat on the fanny from the lord himself!

stefan - May 10 - 11:30 AM | reply (0)


small is out! and pretty much self-explanatory.

stefan - May 10 - 11:15 AM | reply (0)

remember tom green? he had his tom green show on mtv some years back, doing all types of crazy dumb shit, he even made a movie. i never really thought the man was that funny but i have wondered what he's been up to, and apparently he's been busy ghost riding cars.

stefan - May 10 - 11:04 AM | reply (0)

it looks like prince is going to retire from music for a while he goes to study the bible. aaah, good choice, i remember the last time a musician took some time off in his compound to commune with god... only good things...

stefan - May 10 - 10:55 AM | reply (32)

three words

flexible. pet.ownership.

stefan - May 10 - 10:44 AM | reply (1)

breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, i can eat breakfast food all day long, i love it, and i eat the most in the morning. by the time night comes around i'm not as hungry, which must be the reason for my super sexy fit body, i know i do look good naked but that's a entirely different story. in the morning i like eggs, pancakes, oh i love bacon, french toast, waffles, haven't had these waffles before but they look good too, i love all types of breakfast foods, give a hand for cereal, can't forget my love. i could go on and on but i won't, just let me say this: how in the hell do you really pronounce crepes?...

stefan - May 10 - 10:32 AM | reply (0)


this is what i wish i could concentrate on all day long. and don't get me wrong, not because it's easy, this requires dedication and hard work, but the results are there and undeniable. billy doens't need no stinkin' portfolio...

stefan - May 10 - 10:19 AM | reply (0)

as is often the case in art (and restaurant reviews,) one often wonders if the successes and failures of a particular attempt at greatness that are supposed of artists the world over are actually accurate portrayals of the creative process of those artists in particular. as in this lovely but overwrought article titled the endgame of minimalism. a good read, but probably goes to lengths the movement it speaks about never reaches, or even attempts to reach.

stefan - May 10 - 10:07 AM | reply (0)

favorite headline of the day

fight breaks out at boston pops concert

stefan - May 10 - 09:55 AM | reply (0)

robert rodriguez + the jetsons = whaaaa?! oh no, it's this rodriguez they were talking about...

stefan - May 10 - 09:55 AM | reply (0)

sometimes it's ok to have furniture that looks good but isn't that all comfortable, well it's not ok for a waiting area, that's just annoying, but it's fine for your home. take some of the stuff brent comber makes, it's really nice but doesn't look very good to sit on for a while, but sometimes beauty hurts, i think.

stefan - May 10 - 09:43 AM | reply (0)

Chongqinghuang-jiaoping street, in the province of chongqing, has been undergoing a facelift for the past year and a half. during that time, over 300 artists from all over the country contributed to the nearly mile stretch of urban canvas, covering every available inch of brick and mortar with vivid doodles and long splashes of color. the project is set to complete in june, yet even with months of painting left, you can clearly see how beautiful this place is shaping up to be.

stefan - May 10 - 09:31 AM | reply (0)

i've been very clear about the fact that i am bored with tord. don't get me wrong, i love his approach, even most of his work but the problem is that there seems to be so little evolution from year to year, piece to piece, that i ended up getting, well, bored. which some people seem to disagree with me on...

stefan - May 10 - 09:18 AM | reply (0)

dave gensler is a good dude, a wild one, but a good dude. and not a bad designer either. his clothing lines svsv and savant have dropped and let me tell you, he really brings a smile to my face. i started getting tired of a lot of fashion these days but his collections bring back a freshness that is much needed.

stefan - May 10 - 09:06 AM | reply (0)

sweet mini pickup!

stefan - May 10 - 08:57 AM | reply (0)


Picture_6one thing snaggletooth could do to glamour up would be to make better choices when it comes to swimwear, that mismatched bikini with the saggy boob top isn't exactly flattering... i know! snap up one of the pieces from azzollini's new collection! sure it'll look wildly out of place on you but they won't blame you for not trying at least.

stefan - May 10 - 08:43 AM | reply (0)

you’ve got to stay frosty when it comes to surfing the internet: this shit is dangerous! how dangerous? on a scale of 1 to tiger attack , the internet’s danger level is a SEVEN. more dangerous than stds, physical abuse, teen pregnancy, and smoking, there should be a helmet law when it comes to clicking through the supertubes. if you don’t believe me, you could always ask those michigan bozos that participated in this here survey - they’ve got my back.

stefan - May 10 - 08:29 AM | reply (0)


tell time with words instead of numbers, don't know if it will be easier but definitely will be different.

Manny - May 10 - 08:17 AM | reply (0)

i've been considering taking up smoking again. i smoked my last year of high school, mainly because i had such terrible acne that people called me pizza face and i needed a way back in to the cool circle. my cigs of choice at the time were chesterfields because the package looked pretty nice and i assumed that all cigarettes tasted the same. it worked, i got back in but then i discovered buddhism and smoking was a no-no in that crowd (it's so annoying to start and stop habits based on the people you hang out with...) anyway, they're gone today so i'd have to find another brand to impress with and i think the brand-new camel no. 9 would do the trick. sleek black pack, targeted towards women, reminiscent of one of my favorite movie, it's got my name all over it!

stefan - May 10 - 08:05 AM | reply (0)

even when i didn't know who philip johnson was, i was dreaming of his glass house... there is no design simpler, more obvious, more adapted to modern life than a house that is not just in harmony with its surroundings but that actually doesn't try to complement what is around as most organic architects would call it. simply seeing through the walls, 360º, taking the inside out and vice-versa. it's a wonder philip got his name on it first, seems to me da vinci should have come up with it. anyway, i am just delighted and overjoyed that the glass house is now, at long last, open to the public and theaptPeeps can look foward to an amazing field trip this summer! i can't wait...

stefan - May 9 - 11:24 AM | reply (0)

take the survey. ask questions later.

stefan - May 9 - 11:11 AM | reply (0)

as you know, i'm not a big fan of body-challenging activities which is why sports (neither watching nor participating in) are at the top of any of my lists. that said, i do have an exception... when i was but a little blond parisian pervert, my father had this silly idea to park a ping-pong table in the middle of the living room. of course, my mother was enchanted at the prospect but it did seem to provide my brother and i with one way to prevent our young nubile bodies from being precipitated in a state atrophy from which it would have been hard to recover. at 11 and 6 years old. and so i am extremelly pleased that puma has announced the availability of a table tennis collection that should get me back in the game. and shed those final 86 pounds (they really hard the hardest to lose!)

stefan - May 9 - 11:01 AM | reply (0)

those crazy, and highly admirable, swiss herzog & de meuron are at it again with a new museum stadium in... portsmouth? how is it possible that new york city's arenas look like this and portsmouth gets the boys?! that just doesn't seem fair.

stefan - May 9 - 10:47 AM | reply (0)

for someone who thinks that people who make bad choices should go to jail, cameron diaz should take a long, hard look at that dress...

stefan - May 9 - 10:46 AM | reply (0)

hey lost fans, doomsday is nigh. stock up on bottles of water, flash lights, and a power generator so you can hop onto internet forums and complain about the show you love and wonder what it all meant once the world stops spinning in 2010.

stefan - May 9 - 10:44 AM | reply (0)

these days you can have partial ownership of so much, cars, yachts, we all know about timeshares and all that shit. but when did we start thinking it was ok to start owning dogs partially? you can get a dog for a few hours, or days... what's next? partial ownership of babies, the world is going nuts i tell ya.

stefan - May 9 - 10:35 AM | reply (0)

fellow SoHo-ists...

it's the end of the world as we know it...

stefan - May 9 - 10:27 AM | reply (0)

music video

i wish mtv still stood for music television instead of mediocre transmissions of vileness. there has been great art committed in the name of translating music into images which deserves to be seen, like this piece by the quay brother from 1992 for a song titled are we still married?. as for today's video artists, sure, they might rely more on shock value like the band sunblock (nsfw) or original cast (nsfw) but they do so with gusto and these forms of expression deserve their own channel. where else might we be able to gaz upon the marvel that is indian thriller otherwise... please, give me (back) my mtv.

stefan - May 9 - 10:22 AM | reply (0)