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new ad campaigns?

stefan - Aug 31 - 11:03 AM | reply (0)

disturbing and exciting imagery all at once, i'm so confused...

stefan - Aug 30 - 01:31 PM | reply (0)

happy birthday to our dear friend the internet whithout whom we just would not be here today.

stefan - Aug 30 - 01:25 PM | reply (0)

see with your own eyes how a virus infects a cell.

stefan - Aug 30 - 01:23 PM | reply (0)

the 'florida' edition:

this is today's last broadcast until wednesday as theapt crew is flying to west palm beach to theapt crib for a long weekend of rest and well-earned debautchery. that's why today's Media List is in honor of the panhandle state. i know you'll miss us but please try to cope...

pearl jam
playboy exposed
florida frenzy
adidas samba classic (i know that's a reach but they're distributed by 'bealls florida'...)


stefan - Aug 27 - 06:21 PM | reply (0)

i generally consider porsche design to be annoyingly self consciously modern and minimal. strange comment coming from me, right? but i find this product just too cool to pass up. i just bought one online...and i don't (really) smoke (that many) cigarettes.

i am buying this next


stefan - Aug 27 - 06:20 PM | reply (0)

the rug company has great designs from paul smith to marni, with apt favorites emily todhunter and ann-louise roswald spearheading new directions in floor coverings.

stefan - Aug 27 - 05:57 PM | reply (0)

logo for the 1968 olympics, in mexico

stefan - Aug 27 - 05:54 PM | reply (0)

a lot of good, clever items at atypyk but my favorite has to be 'confetti', $100 worth of bills shredded into confetti. perfect for paris hilton's i-found-tinkerbell-party!

stefan - Aug 27 - 05:47 PM | reply (0)

well, they're doing very naughty things here, avert your eyes if you listen to disney radio right now.

stefan - Aug 27 - 05:39 PM | reply (0)