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there is a restaurant in an old carriage house where you can senselessly pay $100 a person and experience neglect and disregard by the staff, even if some may argue that a unapologetic waiter who trips on a guest has its charms. aparently many couples get engaged at this restaurant and this is not reassuring for the institution of marriage.

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as the rain was really pouring outside, i found at fleur de sel the freshness of summer i had been looking for in the last few days. summer does well with a glass of a golden lynmar chardonnay. the smell reminds me of vanilla, detectable in many barrel-aged wines. it is subtle though and is served with an asparagus creme filled with surprises. these combinations are very subtle as is the juxtaposition of pleasures that come to life in full. it is in the case of the asparagus soup a hierarchy of sensations: first the texture (an airy mousse and the crunchiness of the bits of asparagus), then a sweet and smooth taste, then color, forms and finally all the combinations. this is obviously very personal cooking, understated and attentive. there is no masturbation whatsoever nor pretension. This is all the more interesting with the mackerel tartare served with a mas de la dame, a rose from provence with an breeze of ripe red fruits in the aromas and a seductive pastel tone. this dish is very musical, it is in fact a symphony with a dominating component in the mackerel supported by creme fraiche (rich and sweet, served as a technical wonder on its own rather than a companion sauce), american paddlefish caviar (salt and texture), a preserved mignonette (acidity and a matching pink color). the caviar balances the mackerel almost to create a dissonance in the symphony.
every instrument is indeed needed, every note is worthy, each chord is there for a reason.
afterwards, the veal was paired with a glass of wine from the north fork that i was curious to taste. well, it does not last very long, it is contained and does not lead to any emotions. the live symphony is rapidly documented on a record to be consummed straighaway.

i am exceedingly pleased with this meal, with the gratifying service, the coffee and the 12 year old calvados that brought back some ulterior memories i'll formally share at a later date.

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them swiss cuties over at fulguro are doing some nice work.

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Img_c59_nt100_li'm getting really tired of all these talented people populating the world! in any case, here's steffen jahn's perfect frames. damnit, he's good!

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can't stand lil' tommy cruise's antics? sign the petition, observe your vow.

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hey, starbucks! what the hell is an ice cream social?!

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leo's bought an island! i'm packing...

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i say travel in a suit, even on long alitalia hauls, or don't bother.

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cock and balls (pardon the vulgarity)

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is this the best beer ad ever? (via

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