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really bad title: the prize winner of defiance ohio.

seemingly good movie: good night and good luck

absolutely horrible: my big fat independent movie.

horribly fantastic (as well as nsfw):pirates.

stefan - Aug 31 - 04:49 PM | reply (0)

the container store, of all places, is thinking about how we shop and invents scan & deliver. sounds great, can't wait!

stefan - Aug 31 - 03:56 PM | reply (0)

these m.i.t. kids are crazy cool (but, alas, not sexy...)

stefan - Aug 31 - 02:11 PM | reply (0)

the world's tallest virtual building.

stefan - Aug 31 - 02:07 PM | reply (0)

in order to determine the optimum home layout design, a british family will outfit their entire house with sensors, they will be wearing rfid tags and their movements will be precisely tracked throughtout the house. that way, designers will be able to redesign their layout looking at actual use.wonderful. (via core77)

stefan - Aug 31 - 01:55 PM | reply (2)

Picture_1_26gro means 'fat' in french but that has absolutely nothing to do with this very thoughtful product design firm hailing from eindhoven. it's nice to see designer not just adding their touch to existing form factors but trying to see them in a different light. the dutch will take over someday, mark my words, it has already started...

stefan - Aug 31 - 01:42 PM | reply (0)

play with your kids!

stefan - Aug 31 - 01:38 PM | reply (0)

the pencil revolution will not be televised! it will be blogged however...

stefan - Aug 31 - 01:34 PM | reply (0)

royalty has arrived.

stefan - Aug 31 - 01:13 PM | reply (0)

i'm really diggin' (that's a street word for 'liking') the new movement in the direction of hip-hop videos. they still have hoochies shakin' their booties for no particular reason, but they put them in a context now, a graphic context. witness the ying yang twins, david banner and kanye west. sweet stuff.

stefan - Aug 31 - 01:13 PM | reply (0)