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Jessicaalbaarena3_1and i'll leave for the weekend, oh faithful flock, with our endearing pet-o-the-month, jessica alba who doesn't seem to be able to make up her mind. well, while we anxiously wait to get into the pink, we can at least get into the blue.

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my life

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hintmag interviews jenny holzer.

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paris nuit blanche is just the kind of city-organized event in which you don't sleep all night and get to go to museums, carnavals, installation and more, that prevents me from writing off french people altogether.

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Picture_1_40german agency werner holzwarth does really good work. fantastic imagination and execution all around. it's really nice also that clients actually says yes to all this. how refreshing that must be...

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take some time at lunch today (or save it for the weekend, as you wish...) to read this breakup letter from sarah and retort from davey. you will laugh and laugh and laugh...

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the first 16/9 aspect ratio still camera is from lumix.

the third preteen cell phone is from enfora.

the first nano armored keychain is from a-1.

the first mouse-eared digiplayers are from disney.

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hedi slimane, my personal jesus, follows pete 'crack pipe' doherty around for a book on british indie rock. need quote?... here: "slimane photographed a page of doherty's diary on which the name 'kate' was scrawled. 'it's written in pete's blood,' notes slimane. 'he does all his drawing with his blood.' there you have it.

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if you are an artist, be prepared to hear a knock at the door tonight at cooper union.

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don't crucify me for saying this but i find lately that ingo maurer, whom i always found to be one of the last design poets working today, to be less and less inspiring.

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