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Grafuck1_teaser_1as you may know, we at the apartment, are obsessed with explicitly beautiful pornography and grafuck comes right dab in the middle of that obsession. now, the good people at cool hunting will describe the impetus of the project much better that i can as my hands have already started wondering downward...

stefan - Oct 31 - 02:04 PM | reply (0)

the dying gaul looks good.

looking for comedy in the muslim world looks very good.

transamerica looks interesting.

stefan - Oct 31 - 12:47 PM | reply (0)

did you know that ricky gervais wrote children's books? neither did i and they're about flanimals.

stefan - Oct 31 - 12:42 PM | reply (1)

alexandra dupont reviews the revenge of the sith dvd as a goodbye present and it's doozy!

stefan - Oct 31 - 12:30 PM | reply (0)

Chdhsometimes a man comes along who is not like other men. his presence, his aura, his words and moreover his actions seem like they can change the course of history and we look at our world. jesus was such a man, gandhi was another; nowadays, we have hasselhof.

stefan - Oct 31 - 12:21 PM | reply (0)

who knew?! it seems that just slapping a fun logo on your planes is not enough to start an airline?!

stefan - Oct 31 - 11:47 AM | reply (0)

how can you not love a blog description that starts with: i'm a 30-something guy who happens to consider a buttplug as daily wear.

stefan - Oct 31 - 11:39 AM | reply (0)

if you liked maarten baas from the smoke collection, you will love him in the treasure furniture, in which he plays lovable carpenter chip calahan!

stefan - Oct 31 - 11:34 AM | reply (0)

Pmssara de bondt makes me want to be a better man. yes, she's a very skilled designer but her work touches me where it counts. yes, the heart! very poetic, very beautiful, very apt.

stefan - Oct 31 - 11:16 AM | reply (0)

the new apple store glass cube is actually going up across from the plaza.

stefan - Oct 31 - 11:06 AM | reply (0)