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Theaptcard_2this is it for us! thank you to our beautiful aptStaff, thank you to our interns, our bean counters and our local salad providers, you have all helped us stay tight this year. can't wait till next... signing out until jan 3, have a great one!

stefan - Dec 22 - 04:29 PM | reply (3)

i wanna be a hilton!

stefan - Dec 22 - 04:13 PM | reply (0)

who does more good to advance the race: angelina or drew? it's soooo hard deciding between world-saving babes!!! i'm going angelina because of the lips and boobs and 'don't-believe-in-monogamy' shit. drew had it but she let it go...

stefan - Dec 22 - 04:12 PM | reply (0)

the best pictures of the year according to reuters. a couple of goodies...

stefan - Dec 22 - 04:00 PM | reply (0)

Maximcal_1how come the "international' community gets the r-rated maxim and we get the pg-13 version? i know that's been a gripe of mine for some time but the fact remains that we are not children and i am tired of the 'protect the kids at all cost' reason!

stefan - Dec 22 - 03:11 PM | reply (0)

sit. breathe. again. you're about to experience aural brilliance: a heart-wrenching rendition of n.w.a.'s straightouttacompton unplugged.

for once, i'd like to thank jesus christ for having laid this on my path.

stefan - Dec 22 - 03:03 PM | reply (0)

i know he's a queen but this cannot be real!

stefan - Dec 22 - 02:44 PM | reply (0)

go check out juergen teller at the lehmann maupin gallery.

stefan - Dec 22 - 01:57 PM | reply (0)

Commethe rei kawakubo universe is a fascinating one! so much beauty, so much versatility, so much striving for uniqueness. what i love most about everything she touches is the consideration she brings. there seems to be no quick thoughts, no quick decisions. there is a thought process in everyone of the pieces that bear her names.

stefan - Dec 22 - 11:10 AM | reply (0)

serumvsvenom has some sweetness in store for you.

stefan - Dec 22 - 11:07 AM | reply (0)