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1_3rumors are flying that russell simmons is trading in a tranny for a new stunner named denise vasi. they make such a beautiful couple, don't they? somehow they both wake up in the morning, look over and both wonder: why am i so lucky? it seems to be the rule for men to swap wives for newer models once they reach a certain age, i just wonder what that age is, i'm getting antsy... have a fantastic weekend!

stefan - Mar 31 - 01:10 PM | reply (1)

prada patent-leather wedges are the way to go. trust me.

stefan - Mar 31 - 12:29 PM | reply (0)

colored soap bubbles!!!!!

stefan - Mar 31 - 12:22 PM | reply (1)

i love the felt conphorm bags. they look great and open completely flat. very nice!

stefan - Mar 31 - 12:21 PM | reply (0)

Maureenlowbrow art is getting a lot of press these days. it's true that there is an immediacy that seems specifically from our 'i want it now and i don't care how gritty' age. my fave of those artists is fafi, a cute frenchie whose work just plunges you into cute overdose.

stefan - Mar 31 - 12:16 PM | reply (0)

drawing restraint 9 and destricted are two movies that shouldn't see the light of day in today's climate. good that they are.

stefan - Mar 31 - 12:06 PM | reply (0)

would you like to see this very page in chinese? tripped me up!

stefan - Mar 31 - 12:01 PM | reply (0)

i am a timepiece fiend and i am going t get my hands on this dot matrix watch as soon as possible!

stefan - Mar 31 - 11:59 AM | reply (0)

095peepworldlt281john stoddart is the photographer to the stars, his tag. but other than cavorting in coke-filled parties at the ivy in order to compile blackmail material, he also takes nice shots. maily for his book peepworld.

stefan - Mar 31 - 11:53 AM | reply (0)

apple celebrates it's 30th birthday tomorrow, on april fool's day. some are expecting a true vPod, others an iPhone... i don't know what's coming, i just want to look back at what they've accomplished with those quirky machines and how they've done it. with the driving vision of one man and his team. ain't it always the way?...

stefan - Mar 31 - 11:20 AM | reply (0)