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Picture_2_65the work of andy julia is killer. very tactile, very close to the lens, very precise, he has a way of posing a subject that is always sexy, always... luscious. i love it.

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david fincher may be a guy who still wears a white tee under his shirts but he is one hell of a director. and here he is, filming zodiac (not to be confused with the zodiac) in hd, which for a period (70s) piece is quite daring and is editing on final cut. the world is a-changing filmmakers, take advantage!

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chanel! how can you in your right mind switch from the moss to keira knightley?! i mean, sure, she's cute and all, but please... where's the aura, the history, the laugh, the bag o'blow?...

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one of our favorite buildings ever by, who else, herzog & de meuron, is finally under way in beijing. this is what genius looks like under construction.

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Bic_razorsometimes, ad execs are willfully creative and are actually allowed to put on stunts like this bic razor billboard which is really inspiring. other times, they drive down the wrong road with dolly parton and elvis. here's hoping that those breaks let go.

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sweet hdd tv from sanyo.

sour new console name from nintendo.

sweet new iPod to dv tool from bella.

sweet new ideas from philips

okay new line combiner from phone labs.

sweet new dual-lens camera from kodak.

sweet & sour soundbridge radio from roku.

sweet new way to charge.

sweet new red portable speaker.

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since they don't advertise tv turnoff week on the box, how should i know it's happening?

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Stacy_keibler_vegas_2_bigi had no idea who stacy keibler was before this show but now she seems on the verge of blowing up big time. which means that tom cruise will probably want to have a child with her soon. you know, to keep his cred alive...

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wordplay seems fun.

marie antoinette seems misguided.

pathfinder seems plain wrong.

the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford seems long.

word.life seems great.

strangers with candy seems like an answered prayer.

once in a lifetime seems amazing!

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walt disney was a fraud. and i can say with confidence thanks to the dozen russian slaves i keep in a siberian windowless cave that have been pouring over every foot and frame of film the mustachioed neo-nazi ever produced. of course, the report is in their native tongue, but i think you'll get the idea. lazy fraud!

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