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29255_10wow, i'm having quite an oral fixation today! good for me. anyway, i just wanted to post these photos of rosario dawson for what seems to be a fellatio trade magazine/manual. fake the memories from where you can get them, that's what i say.

stefan - May 31 - 03:25 PM | reply (0)

marithé+françois girbaud introduce construkt, an initiative that will have product designers release limited-edition pieces that are inspired by girbaud's own innovation methods of design. should be nice.

stefan - May 31 - 10:32 AM | reply (0)

junior's whip.

stefan - May 31 - 10:18 AM | reply (0)

upscale new york sex fiends, your sex shop has arrived! kiki de montparnasse has opened in soho.

stefan - May 31 - 10:17 AM | reply (0)

Picture_6_2france gall's pop songs were part of the soundtrack of my childhood but it appears that, to my great sadness, the sweet and innocent girl i thought i knew, before i was born, got her filthy on with a scopitone (the ancestor to the music video), entitled les sucettes (lollypops) written by, who else, filth-master serge gainsbourg himself.

stefan - May 31 - 10:11 AM | reply (0)

two faced, although not quite soon enough, is coming.

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honey, it's not my fault...

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like a brick.

like a brick.

like a brick.

like a brick.

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Icetcoco3are you familiar with coco, ice-t's classy wife? well, this may come as a shock to both you and him, but she may have a sordid past of nude modelling that i am sure she is now embarrassed and sorry about. let the apologies begin... (nsfw)

stefan - May 31 - 09:40 AM | reply (0)

in case you've been waiting for the rapture for a while, i don't think it should be too much longer...

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