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Thirdannual_bigdo yourselves and your uncultured, no-attention span friends a huge favor and go see new york collective's 3rd annual ten minute play festival. it's a wonderful pairing of playwrights, directors and actors who will try their damnedest to entertain you, albeit 10 minutes at a time. i give you no choice, buy your tickets now!

stefan - Jun 30 - 12:35 PM | reply (1)

sometimes, in my wildest nightmares (and gina's unavowed dreams), we leave new york city, purchase land, plop down a couple (four) weeHouses and be happy. not gonna happen.

stefan - Jun 30 - 12:27 PM | reply (0)

payless redesigns and it's really good!!! not.

stefan - Jun 30 - 12:21 PM | reply (0)

here at theapt, we're big fans of richard hutten's from his very beginings, coming out of the droog egg. now his third monogram, works in use, is coming out and we can't wait!

stefan - Jun 30 - 12:10 PM | reply (0)

the idea behind fuck me! shoes is quite simple and the result is quite wonderful.

stefan - Jun 30 - 12:03 PM | reply (0)

i'm so glad that time magazine has the courage to take on the big stories when most other news outlets just go for smut.

stefan - Jun 30 - 11:54 AM | reply (0)

06m_1naomi campbell can't stop herself and it's killing her; as well as the recipients of her slippery hands. so she decided to document her sorrows with the help of steven klein for w. thank heavens.

stefan - Jun 30 - 11:52 AM | reply (0)

that crazy handsome brad pitt is such a sweety. not only does he deign impregnate the jolie with his seed in order to have a starting point for when we start life on other planets but he's also a wonderful decorator.

stefan - Jun 30 - 11:43 AM | reply (0)

people express their discontent in different ways. the french burn cars, americans write very colorful signs, chileans on the other hand know how to get heard, no to be beaten by colombians who up the ante with cling film.

stefan - Jun 30 - 11:33 AM | reply (0)

xTina's going all the way back!

stefan - Jun 30 - 11:21 AM | reply (0)