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so simple yet so meaningful. i love it!

stefan - Jul 31 - 12:08 PM | reply (1)


b3 stands for byerley bicycle blender. go buy one now.

pia - Jul 31 - 11:06 AM | reply (0)

need to supress it? suck on this.

stefan - Jul 31 - 10:45 AM | reply (0)

and not in a fun, lindsay lohan kind of way. i'm home sick today and will hopefully will resume my duties by morning.

stefan - Jul 31 - 10:27 AM | reply (0)

you know, this is about the 16th consecutive weekend that i spend at home basically watching myself get fat and i'll tell you something, it's fantastic! no baking, no saturday night temptations, no crowds, just music...

fyris andata
jorge antunes
brand new heavies remixed and brand new
the roots
dr. lonnie smith
kenny dope
the 5 browns

stefan - Jul 31 - 08:00 AM | reply (0)

Bettytheugly_bighere at theApt, we consider ourselves pretty lucky. not only do we get to work creatively everyday, with good people, in the middle of soho's famed model-mile but we also get calls to provide the backdrop for entertainment projects you actually get to see. like the loft in the devil wears prada party? our loft. the swanky cafeteria in abc's upcoming ugly betty (2/3 down the promo video)? our ymca kitchen. ain't life grand?...

and, as always, if you're looking at us all blue (and by blue, i mean the cyan color, not sad), take some time to check us out within the apartment's main site.

stefan - Jul 28 - 12:54 PM | reply (0)

here's a fetish i never even thought about before which i am now totally into and can probably never get away from: put shoe on head is the natural evolution of pornography on the internets and best of all, it's sfw! enjoy.

stefan - Jul 28 - 12:28 PM | reply (0)

the moma is busting at the seams with new projects, exhibitions and artists worthy of its walls which is why they will now use the building itself and turn it into a giant movie screen to show free public art. feels good to be a new yorker sometimes.

stefan - Jul 28 - 12:25 PM | reply (1)

eva mendes is so pretty.

stefan - Jul 28 - 12:16 PM | reply (0)

Picture_2_88thorsten van elten has assembled one of the best curated collection of poetic design since, well, us, i guess... there is so much fun to be had with all the pieces you see in the shop. anything in there would serve the most conservative interior as a contrasting element or contribute to existing madness. either way, you can't go wrong. go shopping!

stefan - Jul 28 - 12:14 PM | reply (3)