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Img_4799_2_3my and gina's daughter was born yesterday morning at 7:47 am and her name is leeloo. this impatient little girl decided it was her time and came out a month early to see what everything she had heard was about. now she knows and we couldn't be happier. mother and daughter are healthy, if immensely tired, as i slip out to cheat on them with this computer. and so i won't offer you any songs today (well, maybe just one...) and i will cherish this first week with this new human being and try to explain to her as best i can what is going on with this world.

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Picture_6_3as i mentioned earlier today, this weekend is the last of august and even if americans consider labor day to be the official end of summer, i will stick to my french guns and proclaim that next week, fall begins as it does in fashion as i already see the model-clogged street of soho fill up with bubbles, furs, metallics, oversize proportions, layers and napoleonic gear. and so these are the last days for you to find someone to kiss without anything reminding you of a small and deported french general. our over-the-weekend inspiration at theapt will be provided by the soothingly brilliant illustrations of one mcfaul, one of the founders of black convoy whom we were lucky enough to fist fight once upon a time...

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i don't understand how trading sex for rent amounts to prostitution in new york city. make that illegal and al reynolds is homeless which is not very nice.

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do you remember 1996? the olympics in atlanta, steve jobs going back to apple, yasser arafat getting re-elected, good times, good times. but it was also the first steps of the what would become as a series of tubes, that's right, kids, the interwebs!

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christians, get ready for the gates of hell to open and the undead specters of sodom and gomorrah to scream down in what can only be a prelude to the final unleashing of satan's power onto the earth plunging it forever into a eternity of darkness and damnation characterized by laughing virgins being slowly, yet surely, consumed by the lava flowing from every orifice of the planet.

all others, you just got another option.

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imagine an incident where the spice girls are performing on top of the pops and, all of a sudden, posh spice collapses and convulses on the stage as she is able to quickly and unexpectedly divine a glimpse of her own future as a washed-up drunk trophy wife to a trophy husband whose only ambition is to find that perfect haircut. we all agree (i assume) that the show would stop and baby, crazy, dainty and sleepy would rush to her side to administer first aid in the form of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. ok now, imagine the same thing but this time in korea...

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04_3thanks to google map and earth, the bird's eye view of world real estate has become every grandma's right to be able to check what you're up to play with. and of course, somebody had to take it a step further and those somebodys are heman chong and nosleeprequired who drew 100 aerial drawings to form a body of work unique to our era in which the familiar become new again.

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now, i don't like beyoncé when she angry... that's not true, i'd like beyoncé if she had my nuts in a vice and screaming at me to tidy up after the cat's time-of-the-month accident on the suede pillows. come to think of it, i think i might really like that. anyway, all this to introduce her new effort in which she's quite clear about wanting us to leave.

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smokin' aces looks like a cool mess.

sherry baby looks like a vehicle.

pan's labyrinth looks, like, awesome!

iwojima/flags of our fathers looks like good.

school for scoundrels looks like a pimple.

bug looks like a novelty.

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the design festival is coming and it would be a bloody shame to miss it!

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