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we are very proud to bring you our very latest window kidnapping, this time by new york artist collective illegal art who, in honor of inventor arthur fry, have crafted a showstopper of an installation. our office at 101 crosby street has been completely covered with mr. fry's invention, the post-it note, in order to ask new yorkers what is on their to do list. feel free to drop by any time and add to it what is on your mind in these times of craziness. what's important to you today? what do you want, need to do tomorrow, this year? for whom?

that is our proposal and we hope you take advantage. have a great weekend!

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i would never in a million years have guessed that lil' billy gates was once a cub scout.

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i love the fact that paul smith is introducing a small collection by helmut newton's widow june that is meant a remembrance of her husband's flair and it works.

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Domesticviolencetrevor brown draws how i dream. his little misses are so sweet and defenseless, so small yet so involved in a world too big for them. these images are symbols of society's ills at large if you will, although i don't know what those are since i leave a sheltered life in which i only see what i am shown and eat what i am fed. amazing work!

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and we continue with more kid-centric goodness which i hope will make me a better parent. once their 2007 collection launches, bloom will certainly be a contender in the eye-scratching race to being the coolest mom on the block.

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remember that show sensation that featured british artists and which was hailed as obscene by then new york mayor rudy giuliani? there were some mighty amazing pieces in there, pieces that we were extremely lucky to work with as part of the design for collector frank gallipoli's amazing new york apartment.

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marc cain not only has wonderful outfits for you but has a wonderful way to browse them. check it out one time!

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Zoo100_13_smallzoo magazine took it upon themselves, and with no apparent authority whatsoever, to rank the 100 sexiest bodies and had the balls to rate gemma here #89!... what gives? who are the 88 sluts who somehow got past her?

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buried egyptian cities are a dime-a-dozen but what about buried egyptian movie sets? cecil b. deMille, it turns out, was quite a fetishist and could not bear to see his city of the pharaoh built with excruciating detail for the ten commandments destroyed after the end of filming. so he did what any sane and humble person would do, bury it in the sand for future generation of archeologists to get completly confused by.

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