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Halloweenas i'm sure i've said before, i'm so not a big fan of hallmark-sponsored national holidays that i sometimes wish i were a jehovah's witness. that said, if, as i've heard, this kind of halloween can bring about the violent death of old models gone mad, i finally know what i'm doing tonight! now, where's my 5th avenue bar...

stefan - Oct 31 - 11:43 AM | reply (0)

i'm not an idiot, i've been a vegetarian for over 20 years but i will condone the killing of crocodiles if the boots are worth it. but sergio rossi's riding boots are $7000. each boot. are you worth it?

stefan - Oct 31 - 11:31 AM | reply (0)

pratt's new juliana curran terian design center that joins the two existing wings of the architecture school is quite a beautiful project. this is what an addition is supposed to do, unify and prepare for the future.

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that sly lil' tord, sneaking out to target like that. murray's not gonna be happy...

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Observeri've talked about jasper goodall a lot around these parts because he resides on one of the highest branches of theaptFave tree of love. we ususally talk about him during the summer season because we are intent on remonding you ladies that his swimsuits are the best available anywhere. that said, part of what i love about him, apart from his immense talent which i simply don't have the time to go into, just use your eyes, is the fact that he has a section on his site titled 'unpublished' and that the image you see here is not in that section. yes, somebody paid jasper money and was proud to publish such beauty, uncensored. i'm so proud.

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sheryl crow's new album 'to be all about breasts'

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i think this might be close to being the very definition of coolness when it comes to kitchen appliances: bosch just unveiled a dishwasher rated for legos. that's right, when little timmy's brick have reached their highest snot level, just dump it in and turn on the toy cycle. brilliant!

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i could see this hot fuzz.

i couldn't bear breaking & entering.

i could freak out at wild blue yonder.

i could handle goya's ghosts

i could regret the good german.

i could pass on day of the dead.

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Hayon05for me, there's no waiting for the replay footage, jaime hayon is the most talented designer working today. he is somehow able to take the simplicity of shape of jasper, the romanticism of joris with a dash of established and make it into functional art that cannot be confused with anyone else's work. i absolutely adore his work. and if you're in london, i strongly advise you to go take a look.

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wrong eyed jesus have issues. download 01.

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