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i know that today's post count seems short and i could tell you that it's because i'm tired due my entire family basically living inside a dark ball of mucus brought on by zo's bronchitis (be assured, the little bastard will pay!) i could tell you that i'm tired and that i have nothing more to say. i could tell you that i have to start buying presents now for the throngs of people i know who don't deserve them and that i don't have time to make semi-interesting comments about the crumbling pieces of the world as i see them. the truth is that i've fallen in love. you see, i lost my cell phone in a cab last week which, by the grace of a god i still have great difficulty in believing in, was returned to me by a wonderful man who ran away before i was able to properly thank him. all happy, i went home and a day later, as i was making a pit stop on my way out the door, the phone slipped from the sink and into the toilet... yes, i know,i'm an idiot. silver lining? enter the sony ericsson k800i, the new apple of my eyes. classic design, 3.2mp camera, email, browser, video calling, 3G, EDGE... what i'm saying is that i need to spend some quality time with my new baby so i'm taking tomorrow off. that's right, i've got priorities! and yes, that's my wife on the phone and yes, they're spectacular. see you monday!

stefan - Nov 30 - 11:30 AM


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