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i know that today's post count seems short and i could tell you that it's because i'm tired due my entire family basically living inside a dark ball of mucus brought on by zo's bronchitis (be assured, the little bastard will pay!) i could tell you that i'm tired and that i have nothing more to say. i could tell you that i have to start buying presents now for the throngs of people i know who don't deserve them and that i don't have time to make semi-interesting comments about the crumbling pieces of the world as i see them. the truth is that i've fallen in love. you see, i lost my cell phone in a cab last week which, by the grace of a god i still have great difficulty in believing in, was returned to me by a wonderful man who ran away before i was able to properly thank him. all happy, i went home and a day later, as i was making a pit stop on my way out the door, the phone slipped from the sink and into the toilet... yes, i know,i'm an idiot. silver lining? enter the sony ericsson k800i, the new apple of my eyes. classic design, 3.2mp camera, email, browser, video calling, 3G, EDGE... what i'm saying is that i need to spend some quality time with my new baby so i'm taking tomorrow off. that's right, i've got priorities! and yes, that's my wife on the phone and yes, they're spectacular. see you monday!

stefan - Nov 30 - 11:30 AM | reply (3)

o plus d's greetings cards are the fucking shit!

stefan - Nov 30 - 11:11 AM | reply (0)

what the fuck is vincent chase doing advertorialising insulation?...

stefan - Nov 30 - 10:48 AM | reply (0)

talk about entrepreneurs finding a huge gap in the market and people's needs... finally the motorized cereal dispenser has arrived! i can't believe i've tipping the box with my own hands like a sucker all this time.

stefan - Nov 30 - 10:22 AM | reply (0)

ikea building identical row homes in england looks like bad news...

stefan - Nov 30 - 10:01 AM | reply (1)

i'm sure this is a question that has rattled more than a few of you lately: how do you learn to be the cool guy in the office, making and posting funny videos that your friends and colleagues will laugh at for minutes and, for an instant, feel like the golden calf was handed to you? spend your free time at 'the viral institute' that's how.

stefan - Nov 30 - 09:45 AM | reply (0)

i was going to say that if i only had access to the tits that could fill it, i'd buy the dress and, lo and behold, the tits made themselves available! mysterious ways people, mysterious ways...

stefan - Nov 30 - 09:23 AM | reply (0)

x-men illustrator dies in superman pajamas

i'm so happy cnn's staying on top of things...

stefan - Nov 30 - 09:01 AM | reply (0)

the way the idea of a cgi smurf trilogy is being derided around the webosphere, you'd think people didn't take seriously the world of deliciously small and blue creatures as much as, say, spiderman and that hurts me. how can you not love a children's cartoon in which the bad guy (evil gargamel) creates a woman as his big plan to spread confusion and disorder within his diminutive nemeses which then, deemed too unhappy and ugly by the smurfs themselves, gets the gift of plastic smurfery in order to get better. again, what's not to obsess about?...

stefan - Nov 30 - 08:44 AM | reply (0)

it's not the get smart watch yet but we're getting closer. come to think of it, nike should really come out with a shoe-phone asap...

stefan - Nov 30 - 08:11 AM | reply (0)