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have a delicious xMas and new year!

you know, a lot of people ask me (mostly at parades) how it is that i can have a family with a nagging wife and two (no less nagging) small children, a little sumthin' sumthin' on the side (you know who you are...), a creative agency of 15 to run (you know who you are...) and still be able to entertain the world (that's you) with derivative, often outright stolen, but always fairly obvious observations on average 20 times a day and i'll tell you how: first of all, it takes a rigorous physical regimen that combines the endurance building of index clicking and scrolling with the mental training of trying to care, which is a lot harder than it seems.

anyway, i promised you a surprise at the end of this week that would quench your thirst for more deep thoughts since i will not be able to provide them on a daily basis for the next two weeks. the surprise is the first issue of theaptLife, our own magazine with contributions from some of the great people we've met along the way in building the apartment into the creative powerhouse it is today (that's right, powerhouse...)

and one more thing...

have you ever wondered what a blogger looks like when he blogs? day and night, slaving at the keyboard, trying to come up with a satyrical slant on any and every story in order to entertain you, the world? well, so did i, so i filmed myself and here i am. it's not so much an egotrip as it is for prosperity... merry xMas!

and one last thing...

if you're not in new york and you were dying (litterally dying) to know what our xMas windows look like this year, here you go... giving back where we can.


stefan - Dec 15 - 04:53 PM | reply (8)

again, thank you god for making topless protests a first amendment right.

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stefan - Dec 15 - 11:21 AM | reply (1)

i can't believe that a law actually passed to make french people stop smoking in public areas. that said, it may be a great opportunity for design some say. i say it's a great opportunity to get some already bitter french people to burn some more cars so they may be able to inhale some smoke...

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a workplace accident (i can't imagine...) has turned a man into the sexual dynamo he could never be before said accident. he and his tired wife visited their clergyman, to no avail. don't give up people, don't give up, enough guilt should do the trick...

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you know, there aren't a lot of things that get me to step out of my beloved concrete city these days (or any day for that matter) and into the natural world but if anything will, intel wi-fi-ing the amazon is a good place to start.

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Picture_2_108i'm pretty sure i've featured the work of brazilian artist guilherme marconi before but it bears a second coming. i love the way he poetically merges the worlds of illustration and technical drawing to give us marvellous allegories, metaphores and more words the meaning of which i'm googling right now...

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rule of thumb

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these are the looks i recommended for my staff this holiday season and it's working out quite nicely.

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i'm really curious to see what a prada - LG partnership might yield. what miuccia thinks she can bring to the phone world is beyond me and, i think, beyond her. it sounds like another opportunity to slap some croc leather on a cell and call it a day. if i'm right, it's despicable.

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