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i'm going to go ahead and assume that you've been to or planning to go to the ron mueck exhibit at the brooklyn museumbecause the alternative would just blow my mind. and i need my mind right now. to my mind, ron's pieces constitute some of the strongest modern art of the past decade in concert with damien hirst's work. i just love the attention to detail seen at the installation and the gentle, yet shocking, feeling you get when you enter a room with his sculptures displayed.

stefan - Jan 31 - 11:26 AM | reply (0)

our much-loved conspirator manny had a pretty nice thing on his site the other day: those fantastic shower tiles would be very pretty and useful not only, as manny so correctly points out, to get rid of the dreaded caddy, but also at low level to pitch one's leg in order to obtain a smooth shave. not that i shave my legs. i'm a real man. i fuck cars and drive women.

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antiquity: voila!

they found the cave that played home to the wolf that played mother to the twins that played god and started rome.


charles - Jan 31 - 11:01 AM | reply (1)

there was a time when i thought that being an oenophile would make me more interesting at dinner until i found out it had nothing to do with having sex with eggs. still... it seems pretty perverted nonetheless.

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i guess you need a degree in applied rocket science and general nerdery to deface public property nowadays. conceptually, this is interesting . . . but when the landing page rapes your eyes with the dancing baby of nineteen-dickety-nine, it's hard to image something artful will be born from this project.

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Picture_1_197i've said it before and i'll say it again: you need a calendar to keep accurate track of time. that's how archimedes did it and so that's how i'll live my life. of course there are many choices out there today and i won't bother to link to the more lascivious ones that debase women and serve only to create a sun dial (wait for it...) in your pants! no, instead, i have chosen today to support those women and link to a calendar that will contribute to the eradication of breast cancer because i care about women's breasts. and that's final.

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this is how you're supposed to wear a shawl.

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it’s like someone ransacked the glistening treasures of my youth! and then they alphabetized it! and then they found it within themselves to part with it!

and then they found it within themselves to put a price on it? and it’s over 20,000 bucks? (soft, sincere weeping)

the thrill of finding this loot, only to learn of its astronomical asking price, feels as if they found a way to literally kick my childhood square in the balls.

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the best thing about gq magazine is its international issues. just check out some goodies from their italy mag, chics and videos, gotta love it.

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