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this is where i want to be. right now.

stefan - Feb 28 - 10:22 AM | reply (0)

i do my best to hold my ground when it comes to trends. if you’re not hunkered down, bracing yourself against the onslaught of what’s hot and what’s not, one day you’ll wake up in a pair of cargo shorts, some crocs, and a trucker hat wondering weather or not you left your black eyed peas CD at club bed or that gallery in greenpoint.

with that in mind, i’d like to be the first to tell you to get your ass the porcelain ghost antler bandwagon before everyone else does! these things are going to be everywhere and are sure to stay in style for months/minutes!

stefan - Feb 28 - 10:03 AM | reply (0)

as requested by my friend/mentor/guideance counselor stef aka mr. boublil, i will be doing more posts about posts, no no, that made no sense, i mean more posts about the advertising world. oh, how i can loath thee, let me count the ways, let me begin the onslaught of posts with this: can we stop calling them ad agencies, for real, what does an ad agency do anymore anyway? make ad campaigns and commercials? if you aren't providing a complete branding package then you shouldn't even be pitching anything to anyone, well maybe a steak on the grill or a ball in your companies softball league, go human resources team. ok, back to the point, if you're one of those stone age agencies then please stop fred flinstoning around, we have cars with tires so you don't have to use your feet anymore, so get with the times, ads and commercials are the least of what you need to focus on, they've become so normal in daily routine it's like brushing your teeth, it's done because it has to be, so people see ads cause they have to but they surely don't care and surely don't remember 95% of them. so first let's stop calling yourselves ad agencies, more like brand builders because that's what you need to be doing, that's what needs to be done, a full complete way to help brand a company to its prominence. ads didnt make red bull go from no name to one of the most recognized brands today in just a few years by ads or commercials, even though the red bull gives you wings campaign was pretty good. but what made them was being able to brand themselves, and they did so by breaking the mold of what's normal. they went out and got involved with things they weren't suppposed to, they had red bull events, red bull art contest and exhibitions, red bull got involved with their consumers, and reached out for more, let's face it people you don't have to stick to just one specific demographic your entire life, do you only listen to one type of music eat one type of food? no, so why assume everyone else only needs/wants one thing, take a risk, open your minds up. i'll give this one to you as a nice parting freebie, be interative with your consumer, they want to be apart of the brand not just buy it, wear it or drink it. if you build it they will come, so build the brand. got a problem with my words just email me ([email protected]) i'd love to put clarity into your head.

stefan - Feb 28 - 09:35 AM | reply (0)

Reno0055this city is full of little reminders that there's no better drug than a walk in new york.

stefan - Feb 28 - 09:15 AM | reply (0)

what the hell is fine art?! i am not a big fan of labels, i don't think everything needs to be labeled, i think some things should just be left up to individual's own perspective, i for one don't like the majority of what is the so called 'fine arts' but i do like art like esao andrews makes, can't we just call it art, isn't that enough.

stefan - Feb 28 - 09:02 AM | reply (0)

maggie, where are you?

stefan - Feb 28 - 08:46 AM | reply (0)

logolounge has announced the trends that ruled logos over the past year. everyone is going to look at it, figure out what’s not on the list of overused devices, start to use that, and end up at the top of 2007’s logo trends with everyone else.

it should be noted that bright pink half-angel faces were NOT one of last years trendiest logo elements, so hooray for us! still hip as ever!

stefan - Feb 28 - 08:27 AM | reply (0)

398092303_efe849ef92_1sneaker heads: rejoice. graffiti fanatics: rejoice. skaters: rejoice. those are all the same williamsburg resident. rejoice. THE NECK FACE VANS ARE HERE! they’re finally really here, and i will be the first one to tell you that they’re not that cool. sorry, anthony.

stefan - Feb 27 - 10:43 AM | reply (1)

stockholm furniture fair, with a little bit of flair.

stefan - Feb 27 - 10:11 AM | reply (0)

what’s for lunch?

397926184_36d3bc0851anyone who’s anyone works in soho, and anyone who’s anyone eats at their same three spots for lunch in a rotating lunch-cycle. it’s hard to try new things, mostly on account of the project manager with chronic fart, a condition he attributes to the meal he grabbed at “that place down the street.”

everywhere that looks good, i stop, scratch my beautiful head, and wonder if this is the place he speaks of . . . the one that makes a man . . . fragrant.

well these kind ladies have started a soho lunch blog! it’s niche, but holy shit, they are eating everything in this neighborhood and they are taking copious notes! check it out, and for god’s sake, stop eating at that idiot panini stand in the equinox.

charles - Feb 27 - 09:57 AM | reply (0)