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like most new yorkers, i am addicted to the yellow cab which, unlike the yeloCab, tends to get your juices running. but i've been wondering pretty much since i got here (1989) why i have had to crush my knees and argue routes with the driver everytime i don't feel like mixing with the people on the subway. and i don't come up with any good answers. how come the most urban of cities doesn't have brand name cars, like the french? how come our cab drivers don't have the knowledge, even when where i'm going is 4th and 12th? i mean really, this is ridiculous! you can update the cars with fancy screens that will probably spew out ads for canada dry brand ginger ale to me on my fiery ride to certain death, it doesn't make it batter! who's in charge, the tlc? nice job people! as i once said at a certain conference (yeah, that's me in the middle), design isn't worth much without the desire to have an object or service work better, not just nicer. design means nothing without improved function and that's what these new taxis offer us, nothing. and so i say, thanks for nothing. i'll see you on monday!

stefan - Mar 30 - 11:10 AM | reply (0)


i love how the movie industry is praying on my childhood by making movies of all my cartoon interests when i was a kid, good way to suck my money from me. and the movie transformers is going to do the same, suck money from me, because i will be seeing this movie and looking at these movie posters will only make me want to see it more.

Manny - Mar 30 - 10:58 AM | reply (0)

apparently, 7-11 stores around the nation will turn into kwik-e-marts to celebrate the opning of the the simpsons movie and i, for one, can't wait to cryogenically frozen in its soda case.

stefan - Mar 30 - 10:46 AM | reply (0)

i know you're probably as sick with my fanboy shit as my wife is but there's a bobba fett stamp coming out! bobba fett people!! this means something, this is important...

stefan - Mar 30 - 10:35 AM | reply (1)


i am not into much demonic behavior but michael hussar makes it looks pretty well, not pretty persay but interesting and intriguing. his work will make you feel a little uneasy and odd at first unless you are into that type of creepy shit, but after a little while of looking really hard at it you can actually find the beauty in it, knowing how much skill it took to creat such images.

Manny - Mar 30 - 10:22 AM | reply (0)

can somebody explain to me why the moss isn't the face of "the moss for topShop? has the world gone crazy?!

stefan - Mar 30 - 10:10 AM | reply (0)


fiber optic cloth that glows in the dark is all the rage, can you see it? kids decked out in glow in the dark cloth, with glow in the dark cloth everywhere, everyone drinking, smoking, sniffing, doing whatever, a bunch of orgy-like sex, and of course candles. i tell you optic cloth is going to be all the rage.

Manny - Mar 30 - 09:58 AM | reply (0)


since the days of blue note covers, jazz has been the music with class. that tradition continues todays with a splendid boxset for ben sidran's limited edition "talking jazz" series. it's nice to know when products are well taken care of. or if you don't care about this sort of thing, you might like this kind of jazz better...

stefan - Mar 30 - 09:44 AM | reply (0)


this might be the closet thing i can find out there that could describe theapt workplace, it's almost identical to how things work and get done at theapt. sometimes i wonder how work even gets done, but they cram it in during their dance sessions, plus, thank god stef never dances on any tables, at least i didnt see him, which might have been an odd experience for me. and if you don't believe me, just go to 101 crosby, ring the door bell and see when you walk in the dancing on tables, it's the best place to work next to google.

Manny - Mar 30 - 09:34 AM | reply (0)

magnetic hangers could come in handy for the jetset traveler or someone who has a metal lined closet. either way i think the idea is nifty, for the hip cool cats.

stefan - Mar 30 - 09:21 AM | reply (5)