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martin dewaal is a very strange person... his name is never spelled the same twice on his own site and, more importantly his face never looks the same twice. he's a dutch artist you see and dutch artists take things a bit further than we do here. they mean it when they say that art can change a life, it's certainly changed his. the man is scary and committed. i like that.

stefan - Apr 30 - 11:33 AM | reply (0)

you love bossa nova ?

who cares. this shit is the biggest hit in brazil. so sad.

sebastien - Apr 30 - 11:21 AM | reply (0)

brokeback has some pretty big neon green shoes to fill considering jack NAILED IT back in 89 . still though, i’m excited to see what 10 things i hate about you can bring to the most complex and emotionally rich villain of all time.

stefan - Apr 30 - 11:09 AM | reply (0)

i love when people do really standout guerilla campaigns that can't go unnoticed and actually have some way of creating some type of daily interruption. take this setup down in sao paulo brazil, ice scultpures in a park, love it.

stefan - Apr 30 - 10:58 AM | reply (0)

Lucaswithcameralast week, the academy of arts and sciences, the geniuses who generously give a 4-hour self-congratul-atory broadcast every year started a series of screenings last week cheekily titled great to be nominated. and they started the festivities with star wars as it is on the eve of its 30th anniversary. man, can you believe that?! 30 years that i've been wanting to be chewbacca, 30 years that i've wanted a woman, any women to dress up in that golden bikini, 30 years that i've been waiting for proper prequels! will any of my dreams come true, mr. lucas? not bloody likely!

stefan - Apr 30 - 10:46 AM | reply (0)

id supreme ultimate

i was totally into the first two jason bourne movies. totally into. like, after watching them, i legally changed my name to jason bourne and drove a mercedes through prague at a million kilometres an hour. i wonder though, if hollywood, not to mention my driving record, is ready for a third installment.

charles - Apr 30 - 10:34 AM | reply (0)


i have never been a fan of uk or overseas music at all, i mean, i might have heard a song or two here and there that sparked my ears but nothing too solid to keep a grasp on me. but now you have lily allen and amy winehouse who both make really good stuff, i love how they just take hold of a song like it was a real person and then proceed to beat the shit out of it.

i have no idea if you understood that last comment above at all but it makes plenty of sense in my head but now that i look at the words written down it kind of looks odd. but nonetheless my point is that those two females have given something to me not too many artist have been able to and that's a true feel and connection to the music. i love music that can calm me, sooth me, teach me, understand me, touch me, and make me really think or at time lose myself. and soon my recap on how much i love robin thicke's music so be on the lookout for that as well, until my next column, be easy never sleezy.

Manny - Apr 30 - 10:22 AM | reply (0)

when i fall in love, it will be forever

have you ever really been in love ? a guy tells his gal: i love you. she says: no way. he says: my love is unconditional. she says: piss off. wait until you read what come next in this story, you will vomit.

sebastien - Apr 30 - 10:10 AM | reply (0)

it must be tough to be a japanese fascist... this dude needs a hug bad.

stefan - Apr 30 - 09:59 AM | reply (0)


Bik_pinkparadisewhat with all that nice weather plaguing london and new york right now (where the fuck are you hiding spring?!) the time is at hand again for you ladies to think about what you'll be wearing by the sea as early as june and, once again, let me be the first to endorse (again) the sumptuous work of our friend jasper goodall, the only name worthy of covering your naughty bits.

stefan - Apr 30 - 09:47 AM | reply (0)