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bloggers are, customarily, such a despicable bunch. we don't socialize, we're not polite, rarely shower, we don't help kids in africa not matter how many time sally struthers asks us to and we certainly go out of our way no to help our fellow human beings. there is one exception though, one that cynics would say confirms the rule, and that is lady grace from design*sponge. in order to gain some humanity, i hope to cross paths with her during the icff festivities so that some of her kindness may rub off on the vileness that has permeated my life for so long. what has she done to deserve such praise? well, she saved up from a year's worth of advertising sales on her blog and set up a scholarship which she put up as the grand prize of a design competion... do you know what bloggers usually do with advertising money? they buy as many musical automatic soap dispensers as they can afford! she gives hers to the deserving and for that, grace, i applaud you, with my oh so clean hands.

stefan - May 9 - 08:56 AM


Posted by: architechnophilia at May 10, 2007 7:02:54 PM