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if you have been coming to this page for information and entertainment for the past few years, i've got some great news! i have been disappointed for many of those years that i rarely heard from you but i figured out why, you were just not given the proper tools to tell the world what you think. and so we are about to change that. starting friday, may 18th, you'll have to switch your bookmarks to point to theapt.com (i know, HUGE drag!) and experience a brand new way to communicate with people who, much like yourself, can't get enough semi-intelligent commentary about architecture, tv shows, porn and jesus. register and you'll even be able to take advantage of our brand new community, theaptFORUM, to share your finds with us and the world.

it's going to be amazing so i hope to see you over there real soon because this page will not be updated any more. ok, how about NOW!

stefan - May 14 - 08:41 PM


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