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if you have been coming to this page for information and entertainment for the past few years, i've got some great news! i have been disappointed for many of those years that i rarely heard from you but i figured out why, you were just not given the proper tools to tell the world what you think. and so we are about to change that. starting friday, may 18th, you'll have to switch your bookmarks to point to theapt.com (i know, HUGE drag!) and experience a brand new way to communicate with people who, much like yourself, can't get enough semi-intelligent commentary about architecture, tv shows, porn and jesus. register and you'll even be able to take advantage of our brand new community, theaptFORUM, to share your finds with us and the world.

it's going to be amazing so i hope to see you over there real soon because this page will not be updated any more. ok, how about NOW!

stefan - May 14 - 08:41 PM | reply (2)

this is it good people, the end of an era! the big, ever-changing picture in the back, the new and mostly annoying colors, we're finally growing up. i think. believe it or not, we've been at this 7 years now, changing, evolving, making sure we're as entertained with ourselves as our clients and you are with us. and it turned out to be way harder work than we ever thought. gina and i basically started this thing because, after having spent 4 years in film school and coming out with a degree that all but guaranteed i would be a mediocre waiter, we needed something to do that allowed us to change our minds when we felt like it. because we thought that would be the way to easy street... and the apartment is the result, or rather the product, of sick, schizophrenic minds for whom change is not just entertaining but vital. oh, and easy street is not on any map i've seen so far.

and so, tonight at 9pm new york time, this site will go dark and for 7 days you will be presented with a page giving you the tiniest peek at our new identity and inviting you to join us for our big launch in new york on may 18th. as i mentioned on monday, we got together with designblogfest, which is made up of mocoloco, curbed, treehuger, apartment therapy, notcot, cribcandy and coolhunting, so that the party gets off to a good start.

the new site is about inclusion so don't be shy and register, it's easy, it's free and you'll get to be part of something new... see you on the other side!


stefan - May 11 - 12:39 PM | reply (2)

a new survey (vague, i know. stick with me) revealed that out of 2,000 18 - 29 year old americans, more than half of them would be happier with a “beautifully designed workspace” and are willing to “spend a bit more on design that appeals to you” when it comes to buying furniture. we’re still not the swiss, but i think this is a big step forward for us young’ins. the sooner that we all start reaching for houndstooth duvet covers and designer wallpaper instead of a cheeseburger, the better; we’ll be like fat europeans with an army! buzzing!

stefan - May 11 - 11:46 AM | reply (0)

only two posts to go in the old web site...

stefan - May 11 - 11:35 AM | reply (0)

normally, when i talk about lily allen it has to do with music but apparently the young beer drinking, smoking wonder is opening a new store in london, and has created a few pieces for her lily collection as well. the young mogul is on her way to say music now fashion, which is typically nothing new and not exciting to me at all, i'd like to see musicians try their hands in very different business ventures not jumping right to fashion, but hey what can i do, i'm just a some young bugger typing on the internet.

stefan - May 11 - 11:24 AM | reply (0)

tv shows

this is exactly why tv execs need to get in touch with me, seriously. you can't be putting together shows like dragons den! yeah, it seems interesting but i have a much better way of getting viewers involved with the design world and business side of things. but hey, i can't seem to break the bubble that is the tv and film realm, so sorry ladies and gents you're still stuck with dumb programming for the time being. 

Manny - May 11 - 11:13 AM | reply (0)

Dsc_45281FILE magazine has a collection of “unexpected photographs” that numbers in the thousands. i was a bit lost when i read the phrase “unexpected photograph” . . . when i press the button on the top of a camera, i expect a photograph to happen. if i were to be, say . . . i don’t know, “amusing myself” and at the end of it all, in the thralls of climax, a polaroid came out of me, THAT would be an unexpected photograph. irregardless, these are lovely photos.

stefan - May 11 - 11:03 AM | reply (0)

star wars

it seems that our friends at lucasfilm are making the most of the 30th anniversary of our favorite sciFi soap. what with crazy permissions left and right to silence our cell phones, to get involved with some sort of robot droid as well as get a visit from a certain pompadoured late-night host, georgee sure is bringin' the funnee. and i'm glad he finally did. seemed to me he had lost his sense of humor somewhere between mytus VII and geonosis...

anyway, celebrate properly by booking your ticket to, well, celebration. and by giving george the opportunity to add a wing to his swiss chalet by buying this new book. good boy.

stefan - May 11 - 10:52 AM | reply (0)

when i was your age, we had to physically walk to the record store (serious) and purchase with paper money (serious) large vinyl record albums (serious) that were covered with works of art (serious). it was the dark ages, dinosaur attacks were happening daily, but for the love of god were album covers a wonderful medium. there are corners of the net devoted to preserving and cataloguing said covers , but you knew that, right? here young fella, have a werthers original.

stefan - May 11 - 10:40 AM | reply (0)

don't you hate it when your computer goes on the blinks and just turns off out of the blue, loosing all you were writing, the hours spent delving into your brain all down the drain... well, just imagine you had a deadline on top of all that, and imagine even more that you work at a magazine and you just lost all the material for all of your next issue. well, imagine no more, welcome to the hell that is business 2.0.

stefan - May 11 - 10:29 AM | reply (0)