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myspace degree

i am mainly typing this post because it has to do with the school my best friend went to for college, millersville university in pennsylvania. apparently the school refused to give a girl her degree in education and her teaching certificate, all because they saw her myspace page, and a picture of her wearing a pirate hat drinking from a cup, with it saying drunken pirate. ok, you're looking into the students myspace pages, ok in light of the vtech shooting, i can get that, but how are you going to not give someone what they earned because you deem it "unprofessional" the girl was of age to drink legally, so who are they to say what she can do on her free time? sometimes people in power, overdo it, and think they really have more power than they do, she should sue for more than just 75 grand.

Manny - May 8 - 09:47 AM