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i think to myself sometimes that being an architect has got to be a very cool job, unless your building is shit and one day just crumbles to the ground, now that would suck. but being that it doesn't happen often, really, being an architect has to be a cool thing, like being a breast exam doctor, which is one of my top fav jobs i'll never have. rmjm is an architecture firm, not a rock band, and yes their work is good, blase, blase, what i like is some of their hotels they're doing, like their beijing job.

stefan - May 11 - 08:16 AM | reply (0)

do you think maison martin margiela's new lotek website is brilliant? i don't know, it seems to me every few years, someone comes around and thinks it's utterly clever, in our era of whiz-bangery, to go all folder directory on us. i ain't buying it and he shouldn't be selling it!

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i’m imagining that the whole “is there a god?” query can be put to rest based solely on this campaign’s outcome. staring at one’s feet, only to find those powder blue wonders staring right back at you, would be like a pat on the fanny from the lord himself!

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small is out! and pretty much self-explanatory.

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remember tom green? he had his tom green show on mtv some years back, doing all types of crazy dumb shit, he even made a movie. i never really thought the man was that funny but i have wondered what he's been up to, and apparently he's been busy ghost riding cars.

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it looks like prince is going to retire from music for a while he goes to study the bible. aaah, good choice, i remember the last time a musician took some time off in his compound to commune with god... only good things...

stefan - May 10 - 10:55 AM | reply (32)

three words

flexible. pet.ownership.

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breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, i can eat breakfast food all day long, i love it, and i eat the most in the morning. by the time night comes around i'm not as hungry, which must be the reason for my super sexy fit body, i know i do look good naked but that's a entirely different story. in the morning i like eggs, pancakes, oh i love bacon, french toast, waffles, haven't had these waffles before but they look good too, i love all types of breakfast foods, give a hand for cereal, can't forget my love. i could go on and on but i won't, just let me say this: how in the hell do you really pronounce crepes?...

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this is what i wish i could concentrate on all day long. and don't get me wrong, not because it's easy, this requires dedication and hard work, but the results are there and undeniable. billy doens't need no stinkin' portfolio...

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as is often the case in art (and restaurant reviews,) one often wonders if the successes and failures of a particular attempt at greatness that are supposed of artists the world over are actually accurate portrayals of the creative process of those artists in particular. as in this lovely but overwrought article titled the endgame of minimalism. a good read, but probably goes to lengths the movement it speaks about never reaches, or even attempts to reach.

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