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this is it good people, the end of an era! the big, ever-changing picture in the back, the new and mostly annoying colors, we're finally growing up. i think. believe it or not, we've been at this 7 years now, changing, evolving, making sure we're as entertained with ourselves as our clients and you are with us. and it turned out to be way harder work than we ever thought. gina and i basically started this thing because, after having spent 4 years in film school and coming out with a degree that all but guaranteed i would be a mediocre waiter, we needed something to do that allowed us to change our minds when we felt like it. because we thought that would be the way to easy street... and the apartment is the result, or rather the product, of sick, schizophrenic minds for whom change is not just entertaining but vital. oh, and easy street is not on any map i've seen so far.

and so, tonight at 9pm new york time, this site will go dark and for 7 days you will be presented with a page giving you the tiniest peek at our new identity and inviting you to join us for our big launch in new york on may 18th. as i mentioned on monday, we got together with designblogfest, which is made up of mocoloco, curbed, treehuger, apartment therapy, notcot, cribcandy and coolhunting, so that the party gets off to a good start.

the new site is about inclusion so don't be shy and register, it's easy, it's free and you'll get to be part of something new... see you on the other side!


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